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My dog had two ruptured disks and was completely paralyzed in his back legs.  My regular Vet couldn’t help him.  I went to Dr. Koenig, and she gave him acupuncture and herbs for his food.  Happily, my dog is now completely recovered and runs up the stairs!   -Joanne, Buffalo, NY-

I have 5 dogs and 3 cats.  We are currently treating Harley, the basset, and Lucky, the 17 yr. old cat, with Dr. Koenig.  They actually look forward to their visits to Dr. Koenig.  Harley loves her.  They are completely at ease there.  The atmosphere is soothing and inviting. This is a picture [right] of their recent visit for acupuncture.  They both were so relaxed after their treatment that I hated to get them up to go home! Thank you Dr. Koenig.   -Beverly W., Springville, NY-

It's wonderful to have Dr. Koenig as a resource for natural and holistic pet health. I drive about an hour to get there, and it's worth it!       -Laura Walthew-

Dr Koenig helped my manx kitten Gabriel many years ago when she had uncontrollable diarrhea now its our dog Maya's turn to be helped with skin issues. Dr Koenig's extensive knowledge of alternative Heath choices for dogs, cats and other large animals gives us many choices to heal our pets & keep them healthy..the more I learn about keeping my pets healthy naturally , the more I learn about taking better care of myself & my family...2 legged and 4. I would highly recommend Dr Koenig.     -Sue Marie-


Absolutely love Dr Koenig and Kelly!!! Highly recommend her to all who are serious about healing their pets on a holistic level- she is just amazing !!!     -Shannon Lipke-

Even though I have now moved to TN, I miss Dr. Koenig terribly and feel like calling her long distance every time an issue arises. She saved my 6yr old JRT's life. He had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and put on an anti-diuretic that was saping the life out of him. Dr. Koenig was so calm and so reassuring that everything would be all right...and it was...he will now be 14 in March....and I owe it all to her!! xoxo Dr. Koenig.       -Suzan Miller -

She's the best at what she does, and a great person! My Kitty, Ivy, loves her!  -Diana T Marie-

It has been several months since I lost my precious dog Chloe. If not for Dr. Koenig and her staff we wouldn't have had the 15 years we had with her. Dr. Koenig is wise and caring. My girl always left there feeling great and for that I am grateful. The treatments are far better than any conventional medicine. I have learned so much about animal care and being a loving and responsible pet owner. I will carry that with me when I am able to try it again. The first visit I will make will be to Dr. Koenig. Regards to Alisa, always a pleasure being in your company. Chloe loved her visits. Thank you.  -Karen Langa-


I have been taking all of my pets (Dog and cats) to Dr. Koenig for over 15 years. I've known Alisa as a friend, a business colleague when I owned The Animal Kingdom, and as a client with eight pets over the years. I always incorporate, both, holistic and conventional veterinary medicine for all of my pets and they have all experienced incredible results. Whether its treating kidney disease, feline lymphoma, lyme disease or general wellbeing, Dr. Koenig is great. Not only is she compassionate and caring, but she is always striving to incorporate new holistic therapies into her practice to benefit her patients. I also like her willingness to learn new holistic therapies. You won't meet a more genuine and caring person and veterinarian.     -Kelly Bebak-   



Dr. Koenig is a caring, wise and dedicated doctor in the old "country vet" tradition.   
–Marilyn Teresa-


Amazing vet and staff. You will not find more compassion at any other vet!   
-Jaime Roussard-


Dr. Koenig is kind, compassionate, highly knowledgeable and cares as much about your pets as you do. I trust her knowledge and skill and advice, implicitly, and I have never been disappointed. I absolutely love that my animals get treated on a massage table, it not only relaxes them it relaxes me. The day I stop taking my animals to Dr. Koenig is the day she retires.  -Cindy N.–


A little over three years ago I brought my dog in to see Alisa. Rocko had several health issues and one so-called specialist wanted to amputate most of his little.nose. I was told of Dr. Koenig by a friend of a friend. It was determined by her that Rocko had several allergies on top of inherited issues from bad breeding.  In less than six months his nose was back to normal and he was feeling much better. Unfortunately, Rocko developed a worsening heart issue and wouldn't eat normally the last few weeks of his life and finally stopped eating altogether.  I am grateful to Alias for helping Rocko when we went to see and through email.  Rocko passed on peacefully, but I will continue to miss him and will always be grateful to Dr. Alisa.  –Charlene Schum-


She is the very best veterinary there is. It is only because of her my Chopsey lived to be 19 plus. Thank you Dr. Alisa Koenig for being such a caring person.  
-Marie Lovenitti Sorrentino-


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